Olympics Team Trials – Marathon Predictions

The week of the Olympic Team Trials for the marathon distance are upon us.  One of the best American distance running events we can look forward to only once every four years.  This year will be like any other as changes have been made since the previous Olympic cycle four years prior.  The most exciting change this year is that both races will be happening at the same time on the same course (15 minute delay in start times) in Houston on January 14h.

The men’s A-standard was moved to 2:19:00 (previously 2:20:00) and the B-standard (previously 2:22:00) was completely dropped.  The other A-standards men can qualify for this race are 1:05:00 half marathon and 28:30 10,000m.  The women retain both their marathon standards as 2:39:00 for the A-standard and 2:46:00 (previously 2:47:00) for the B-standard.  The women also have retained the 10,000m (33:00) standard and added a half marathon (1:15:00) standard to enter the race – both considered B-standards.Below are my predictions to the top ten contestants and winning time in each race as part of the LetsRun.com Olympic Trials Prediction Contest for up to $250,000 in prize money.  I’ve got the favorites winning the whole thing as I believe Ryan Hall and Desiree Davila have the big time race experience and are simply more fit than anybody else.  The rest is a crap shoot as anything can happen in the long unpredictable race that is the marathon.  I’ll be shutting off my phone and blocking out the world of media, internet, TV, etc. on Saturday until 2pm (Central Time) when the races are aired on NBC.  Special shout out to fellow Run A Blaze Iowa team members Jason Flogel, Robyn Friedman, Danna Kelly, Erin Moeller, and Ashley Tollakson.

1. Ryan Hall
2. Brett Gotcher
3. Meb Keflezighi
4. Brent Vaughn
5. Mohamed Trafeh
6. Dathan Ritzenhein
7. Jason Lehmkuhle
8. Jason Hartmann
9. Michael Reneau
10. Matthew Gabrielson
1. Desiree Davila
2. Kara Goucher
3. Shalane Flanagan
4. Blake Russell
5. Jennifer Rhines
6. Deena Kastor
7. Katie McGregor
8. Magdalena Lewy Boulet
9. Amy Hastings
10. Stephanie Rothstein
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