Twitter Road Race – Recap

What an incredible idea by a twitter friend @seedouglasrun of  The idea is to run a virtual race.  Everybody from around the world runs a 5k distance on the same day and submits their time (to Doug) who compiles (un)official results of an actual race run and directed through Twitter!


I’m getting back on my feet to some decent mileage after resting and running pretty easy the last two months (and managing to get sick over the holidays pretty bad).  I figured this would be a great time to stretch the legs out and get a good effort in while holding a long run or tempo run or something.  I had a day off scheduled for Sunday already and was going to run long on the day of the race, so that’s what I did.  I went for a nice solid 18 miler (through the snowfall from the day before) on some nice country roads and picked up 3.1 miles halfway through (miles 9 – 12.1) – good for 16:54.  What a blast as I knew others were doing the same thing I was all over the world and would share about it.  The running community is a great one to be a part of … it really doesn’t matter what time you ran, everybody is out there doing it.  Thanks again to Doug for putting it together I look forward to more in the future!  Go to my pictures page for more pictures and here is my training log entry with full splits and thoughts about the run.



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