Congrats to Eve Barrett – Citrus Trail Marathon Champ!

Think Plan Run athlete Eve Barrett was the overall women’s champion in last weekend’s Citrus Trail Marathon in Inverness, Florida.  Preparing for the Boston Marathon, she is in the middle of her marathon specific training and she looks strong as ever with this long and slower effort keeping her heart-rate lower and using it as a time-on-your-feet training long run.  Eve explains some of her day below:

The last 18…yes, 18 miles (course was off by 2 miles), were VERY HILLY and rough terrain. Fell twice, but somehow avoided injury. 🙂 …

…..I knew the course was grueling, but felt like I was dead last coming in. I had NO idea I was the first female to cross the line. My mental toughness got amped up a few notches on that one. My first trail run under my belt, it was magnificent, but there’s definitely no way to compare a trail to asphalt. My joints, however, did enjoy the relief from the pavement.

Congrats to Eve!!!  Click here for results.  Pictures below:



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