Gear Review – Don’t Lose Your Job, Use Stuffitts!

Do your friends, family, and co-workers know you’re a runner?  Maybe you talk about your lifestyle, passion, or latest workouts with like-minded people.  Maybe they notice you wear your old running shoes to cut the grass.  Maybe they actually see you running around town.  But do your friends, family, and co-workers know you JUST ran or worked out?  As in, you’ve just finished your mid-day workout; you’re feeling great and ready to take on the rest of your day.  You’ve showered up, thrown your dirty sweaty running gear into your trusty gym bag (ala an old plastic bag from Walgreens you’ve held on to since carrying home a leaking 1/2 gallon of milk 9 months ago).  Heck, you’re still riding that runners’ high feeling so fresh and clean you decide to smile and/or double-gun-point every man, woman, and child between the shower room and your work cafeteria where you prepare to dive into your post-workout meal.  While paying for your meal, you start to realize the whole cafeteria is starting to become quieter and quieter … nobody’s talking, nobody’s eating … “did I forget to put my pants back on again?” nope, work slacks are on.  You turn around to realize everybody has dropped to the ground and lay limp clutching their necks with a frozen look on their face as if they’re saying “What’s that smell?” or “I think it’s dog crap” or “No, not the double-gun-pointing jerk that smells like dog crap again” or “Is that guy carrying around a sack of dog crap?”.  You’ve killed them … yes, you’ve killed them all.  Your nice easy four mile run and over productive sweat glands were all it took to turn your technical running shirt, shorts, and shoes into a sweat-saturated, in-between-the-toes-smitten, and crotch-ridden mound of death-clothes.  You won’t just lose friends, but now you’ve lost your job – but only after you take off with as many chicken nuggets and BBQ packets you can shove in your mouth and make your escape to a nearby sewer drain only to be found 2 minutes later by police dog with a “this is by far the absolute worst of any smell my 250 million smelling receptors have ever encountered” look in its eye.


So anyways … is it possible to run a few miles, not kill anybody, not lose your job, and exist in the outside world for the rest of the day with running shoes and gear in tow?  Thanks to Stuffitts sporting gear, YES!  As a runner that runs from work, from the gym, in the rain and snow, it’s critical to have a good solution when taking that midday shower and stowing your wet stuff.  Especially when getting caught in the rain, Stuffitts sport shoe inserts have proven to dry and de-odorize my running shoes in only a couple of hours instead of all day and night with crumpled up magazine paper and newspaper.  The bag solutions are great for your other gear from a compact drawstring Sport Odor-Killing Bag to a full Odor-Killing Backpack.  Their proprietary bead technology absorbs the moisture and odor before it reaches your boss’s nose.


Support this site and use the links and pictures in this post to browse and buy any Stuffitts product.  I’ve personally found the sport bag to be a great addition to another larger gym bag I need for other gear or clothes (especially hauling a lot of winter running clothes) to put the worst of the worst base layer shirts and shorts that smell the most like … well, you know … dog crap and/or crotch.


 Click below to shop and save on Stuffitts….


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