Gear Review: RoadID

Not the traditional gear review of the latest racing flats, lightest socks, and/or best tasting gels … today’s long overdue post is something much much cheaper that could save your life … SO LISTEN UP!!!



We’re endurance athletes right?  We’re driven and full of energy – nothing can stop us attaining our goal – we’re invincible right?  Well, not really.  Besides the battery of curse words and yelling that can be thrown our way by non-runners, we’re also subject to a certain level of health / safety risk weather we’re out on the roads, trails, alone, or with others.  Don’t be foolish and mistake your physical endurance and strength as human invincibility – we are all subject to needing medical attention on any given run / ride.

The folks at RoadID have taken their original simple idea of carrying your most important emergency medical / contact information and exploded their market into innovative, attractive, and sporty gear for any fitness enthusiast out on the roads.  The prices are reasonable and you can always find major discounts and free shipping deals around – especially at local races and/or outdoor events.  The latest innovation of theirs is the Interactive ID giving first responders access to your most up to date emergency and medical information via telephone and online.  You’re able to update changes in phone numbers, medical history, allergies, addresses, even your emergency contacts online – your RoadID won’t have to be replaced to be up to date!

The first year being free and a measly $10/year beginning the second year is the price of the Interactive ID service.  We spend hundreds of dollars in-car insurance, right?  Running on busy roads and/or with certain health conditions increases some of the same risks and we (or others) should be prepared to take action when something happens.  We all have $0.84 in our monthly budget for something that could be the difference between life and death.  Let’s get uber-running-geeky and think of a quick MILEAGE BUDGET as a runner:

Good running shoes – $65 to $120 lasting ~400 miles = $0.16 to $0.30 per mile

Important race entry – $50 to $100 for ~4 months training @ 10 miles / day = $0.04 – $0.08 per mile

Life Saving RoadID Interactive ID service – $10 per year @ 10 miles / day = $0.0028 per mile


Who knows which mile you’ll need help … for me, with my family back at home (or with me while running), it’s worth less than 1/3 of a cent per mile to get the right people the right information.  I ended up ordering the original FIXX ID – the dog tag style necklace to be on me wherever I am – on or off the roads.



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