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Any successful racing plan must be built towards the right event.  Now days, almost all marathons have their own websites with course descriptions, maps, registration, etc.  A lot of helpful information for those registered or maybe looking at running that particular race.  One other website you MUST start using is – an incredibly useful tool in finding the ideal marathon.  There are so many factors and variables that affect a 26.2 mile race – hills, weather, terrain, time of year, and many more.  This innovative site was built from scratch by Greg Hosier in an attempt to gather a bunch of information from all different marathons in one place to see how the events stack up against one another.  On creating the site Greg quotes,


It’s a work in progress.  I really only launched it at the beginning of this year (2012).  The site was born out of hearing people compare marathons to determine which races they thought were the best to PR at or to qualify for Boston/NYC.  However, most of these discussions were subjective and anecdotal.  I thought I could add some objectivity to these comparisons.

– Greg Hosier, creator of


I had a great personal experience working with Greg requesting more information specifically on the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon hoping it would be added to the database to use the time conversion tool.  It was added within one day along with the other courses already analyzed.  What I love about the conversion tool is it breaks out the time difference with elevation (something you can’t change) separate from weather (something that could change drastically year-to-year).

The marathon search functionality is an incredible planning tool letting you filter on month, day of the week, course profile, course surface, course certification, course type, field size, and even average weather temperatures.  I highly recommend using this free tool early in your marathon search to give you the race day experience you can prepare for and expect in your training!



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