Gear Review & GIVEAWAY – Tooks Sportec Running Hat

All-season performance Sportec Headband

It’s getting to be colder and it’s never too early to start thinking about cold weather running gear.  One of your staple winter items should be a good hat (or two when it gets to be -20F windchill).  For those that (responsibly) listen to music and/or podcasts during their runs could benefit from the great products at TOOKS HATS.

Their 100% Prostretch Dryfit hat and ear warmer are excellent for working out, sweating, and running.  The hat / material itself is one of the warmest and best feeling hats I’ve ever run in.  I have a monster sized head and it feels snug but not tight.  The earphones can be held anywhere around the head to custom fit where your ears are on your head secured by velcro.  Audio quality is great without having any kind of ear buds shoved in your ears.  The extra long audio cord seems a bit long but is functional being able to wrap around your body into any pocket your jacket / shorts have – much much better than having too short of a cord pulling your head around.  One of the best features is being able to remove the headphones and use as a high quality moisture-wicking running hat! Below is straight from the Tooks website:

100% ProStretch dryfit with ultra-thin microfleece lining, flat stitch seams provide exceptional comfort.  Wear the Skully standalone or under helmets.  The Headband version is great for walking or jogging, or just drifting off to your favorite tunes!


Get a discount on TOOKS gear by visiting the discount page on and using the discount code for 10% off!


All-season performance Sportec Dryfit Hat

Win a Tooks Dryfit Hat!  See below for details and take advantage of multiple ways to enter many times….


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