2013 Racing Schedule & Training Update

Post 20 miler in zero degrees
Post 20 miler in zero degrees

As the frigid weather and blustery winds meet me outside each day in the winter months, it is often a great help (if not a necessity) to have specific events and training plans / phases to be marching towards and keep the motivation up.  The past few weeks of training have given me a lot of confidence (after 5 weeks of zero running) and I’m excited to firm up my 2013 racing schedule in a year of exploration and new (longer) races.

Spring / Summer Racing Schedule (as of 2/5/13):

Fall Racing Schedule (TBD)


Current Training

The last 8 weeks have been filled with conservative building miles after 5 weeks of zero running.  I’ve really enjoyed getting out for some longer runs, practicing fuel schedules, and just being out there although it will be more comfortable (and easier to schedule in the morning) when the spring weather comes into town (and my water / NUUN won’t freeze).  Somewhat of a down week this week is feeling good after building to 70 miles in 5 runs last week ending with a nice and easy marathon distance 26.2mi run in the Iowa ice and slush in 2:59:02.  I’ve kept my weekly schedule to 2-3 quality days – 1 midweek of hills or progression runs on feel and 1-2 long runs Friday and/or Saturday … Sundays off!

So here I stand with 8 weeks done and only another 8 short weeks until I’ll be screaming down the Grand Canyon for a full day of running, praying, and worship.  With each passing week, I’m feeling more fit, more eager, and more confident in a successful opening to a successful 2013.


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