Run4Poverty Grand Canyon Rim-Rim-Rim – Update

Run4Poverty.comHappy first day of spring!  It was only a few months ago I was starting to plan my charity run out West … and now in only 16 days I’ll be boarding a plane to Arizona.  I wanted to give a quick update with how life and my training has been preparing for my solo camping trip and run across the canyon and back on my 30th birthday on April 9th.  I’m very pleased with how my running training has gone and am feeling more fit in the last weeks.  Some longer 25-30 mile back-to-back long runs (consecutive day long runs) have given me confidence despite a cold, snowy, and wet February and March – images of the dusty trails and grander of the Grand Canyon corridor have been ingrained my head as I fight -20deg windchills, icy, and snow in the flat lands of Iowa.  Family life and my work have been challenging through this all as our adjustment bringing our second baby boy in December and changing programs at my current job have been anything but “normal” (what is “normal” anyways?).  I’m encouraged even more to recharge my batteries spiritually, mentally, and spend time with the Lord in Arizona.

I feel blessed by how many people have poured into this project with their prayer, encouragement, finances, and time.  With over $1500 raised thus far, the Sports Gift charity is more than happy to partner in this journey – thank you thank you thank you!!!  All information regarding the trip and ways to still support – including free music, giving, sharing, encouraging, and praying – can be found on the website under “Your Support”.  I’m specifically asking for prayer requests up until I leave in two weeks … I want to commit to support in prayer my support system – anything and everything, I’ll pray for you!  Lastly, stay tuned to the website for real-time updates when the trip starts.  I’ll be posting a few updates / pictures during the trip and possibly location / run updates on April 9th while I’m in the Canyon … all live updates on the front page of coming April 5 – 10.

With gratitude,



4 thoughts on “Run4Poverty Grand Canyon Rim-Rim-Rim – Update”

  1. Adam, Looks like you also have learned to love hills. Early on I realized that without the hill or the steps, I would have a sheer cliff that I might or might not be able to climb. With the hill or steps… problem.

    Having rowed the Grand twice and swam through Phantom Rapids, the grandeur of this majestic slice through the earth is breathtaking…especially rim to rim to rum.

    Best to you on your Grand Canyon Run 4 Poverty. Looks like you are ready.

    Ozzie Gontang
    Director, San Diego Marathon Clinic est. 1975

  2. Adam, I ran North Rim to River back to North Rim one morning in June 2005. 31 miles. Carried my D70 Nikon the whole way. The run of a lifetime! And incredible photos! Start early, early to avoid as many mule trains as possible. There is potable water at the campgrounds (to replenish your water bottle), so the key is taking enough food. Maybe arrange with Phantom Ranch to stash some food for the return. From 5000 ft to the 8000-ft North Rim, you’ll burn a lot of calories. One of the funniest things is seeing the fully geared hikers TWICE. You’ll be done by 4 or 5:00 in the afternoon of their first of 4 days on the same trail! Oh, and take a cow bell… unless you prefer to experience surprised predators and prey as you round the tight bends along Bright Angel Creek/North Kaibob Trail.

    1. Sam – Thanks for your background and story … the more I talk with others that have done the same I’m encouraged it’ll be a trip of a lifetime. Funny, your advise on the bell as I JUST picked out my bells and pepper spray!

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