Gear Review: ZebraLight H600 Running Head Lamp

Below is a video review for my running headlamp of choice.  Simple, light, and BRIGHT all from one battery.  Ranging from 0.1 – 750 lumens, this single LED bulb can take you through your dark basement or running through the middle of the woods screaming down single track trails in pitch darkness.



2 thoughts on “Gear Review: ZebraLight H600 Running Head Lamp”

  1. Great review Adam. I checked the specks on the Zebra site and they talk about a rechargeable battery. Can you use a regular AA battery in there?
    Thanks, Andy

    1. No AA for the H600 – you have to use one rechargeable 18650. They are a bit pricy and I’ve heard you do NOT want to buy cheap generic brands. I got 2x Panasonic batteries and a smart recharger with a USB output (great for recharging other things in a pinch – GPS watch, phone, etc).

      There IS a similar (newer) AA option from ZebraLight … check out the H502. Not the same peak brightness (260Lm), but it’s cheaper / smaller … always a trade off.

      I can’t believe how small / bright they’re making these things now … cheers!

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