Run4Poverty Grand Canyon Run – Last Update

Tomorrow I board the bird!!!  Final preparations are being made and bags are being packed, unpacked, and feverishly repacked.  I wanted to give a quick last pre-trip update with some logistics for those that might be interested in following along.  I’ll possibly be sending out occasional updates (I’ll be updating, not interacting) during my first days and providing live GPS tracking of the run all day Tuesday April 9th as follows:


ALL UPDATES will be available at (and Twitter – @adamcondit)
SMS ALERTS can be enabled via the following methods:
  1. If you DO use Twitter – simply “enable mobile notifications” for @adamcondit
  2. If you DO NOT use Twitter – utilize “Fast Follow” via SMS by txt’ing “Follow adamcondit” to 40404.


April 5th – 10th: Possibly a few short updates / pictures / video (Note: I’ll be updating, not interacting)

Tuesday April 9th: All day real-time GPS tracking on the run.  Please keep the following in mind when following along online:

  • The GPS map “should” give updates every ~10-15 minutes. There ARE legitimate reasons why the map won’t be updated – if I don’t have clear view of the sky (satellites) under heavy tree cover and/or canyon walls.
  • I DO have the capability to send for emergency help and will do so if needed.  If my position isn’t updated for a while I am probably taking a break, eating, etc – I plan to take my time on this all day journey.  Also – technology is great but fallible … don’t panic if updates are not being received.
  • My tentative run schedule / map (view or download here) is “tentative”.  I’ll be using it as a soft guide, not a hard pace goal or schedule – I could change the route at any time based on trail condition or how I’m feeling.  Note that any times are considered local times – most of Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time so I’ll be in MST – same as PDT for April (2 hours behind CDT / 3 hours behind EDT).



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