Spring is Over – DNS for Ice Age 50mi

Ice Age Trail 50

It’s with mixed feelings I won’t be able to make it to the start line of the 2013 Ice Age 50mi Trail Run.  Good recovery and training followed my Grand Canyon rim-rim-rim run in April, but this past week I’ve been met with the worst stomach virus I’ve ever known.  No solid food for 3 days, cramping everywhere, dehydrated, basically living in the bathroom, and dropping weight quickly doesn’t bode well to run a successful 6+ hour (50 mile debut) trail race.  I was really looking forward towards mixing it up with the front runners as race director Jeff Mallach assembled an incredible national class group including David Riddle (2:26 marathoner, USA 100k member, 2011 JFK champ), a recovering Matt Flaherty (2:22 marathoner & 2013 American River 50mi champ), last year’s winner Zach Bitter among others.

I set out the first half of 2013 with one goal … go explore.  I feel as though I’ve definitely met my goal and can’t believe the freedom I’ve had with some different training and the actual run itself in the Grand Canyon in April.  I wanted to get away from the pressures of race results, workout splits, etc for spring and feel like forcing myself to run before fully recovered from the virus into a newer and longer distance at Ice Age would not be productive for future progress both mentally and physically.

The upside will be to recover a bit earlier after a tough and long winter and already look towards summer / fall goals.  I’m excited to get a little rest before building more base & strength heading into this year’s Western States 100-mile trail run where I’ll assume pacing duties for 18+ miles for last year’s M9 Joe Uhan already coming off an impressive 7th place finish last month in the fully-stacked Lake Sonoma 50 miler.  After that I’m still undecided if I’ll still make a big push for a successful 50 mile debut (TNF in Madison?) or make a big push for a road marathon PR (Chicago / Des Moines?).  Stay tuned ….


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