Back in the Saddle Again – Hungry for 2013 Racing

NOTE: scroll down to start or stop mind-blowing cowboy music video

back-in-the-saddleFirst off, if the first thing you did before reading this was shut off the cowboy music, shame on you … it’s glorious.  Moving on, my 2+ weeks off has come and gone. Usually these bi-yearly rest & recovery stints come after a big peak race and includes:

  • Shoveling ice cream & quality beer into my gullet every night
  • Spending $1000’s at Taco Bell
  • Sleeping in
  • All of the above

This spring was different. My whole first week of “rest” was forced due to the worst stomach virus I’ve ever had .  Out of work for a week and living in one of two places – in bed or on the crapper. The worst. After a week of “fun” not eating solids, losing weight, and going “big potty” billions of times over, I knew I wouldn’t arrive at the starting line at Ice Age Trail 50 in a position to run a successful 50 mile trail debut … better a DNS than a DNF with the condition I was in. I took the opportunity to recover from sickness and take an additional following week of rest & relaxation – zero running but this second week included a lot more Taco Bell and ice cream than the week before.

And now … it’s come to pass and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong, letting things go with an intentional rest / relaxation phase a couple times per year is very very very good for you – physically but especially mentally.  But, now it’s time to get back on the horse, back in the saddle, and get ready for the pain I so dearly love to wake up to.  I’ve tightened up my remaining upcoming summer 2013 schedule to still include a couple of 50 milers on the trails:

  • Pacing duties at Western States 100
  • Dances With Dirt Devil’s Lake 50 mile trail run (rugged for Wisconsin)
  • The North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin 50 mile trail run
  • Late Fall – other trail / xc stuff??  Who knows….

TNF will be my peak race 18 weeks out from right now – perfect to build back up and attack! I’m also very proud to announce I’ve employed the experience of an ultra running coach for this build up – Ian Torrence – of McMillan Running Group.  I come to the table with plenty of running knowledge and experience (I love coaching myself in fact!) but am such an ultra newbie and look forward to Ian’s vast ultra knowledge & experience to guide me through race specific workouts and molding the long runs required (super long, back-to-back, fast finish, etc) to be successful and see where it goes for 2013.

Running again feels better each day.  Today’s 12 miler felt better than yesterday’s 8 miler which was better than Monday’s 5 miler.  I love routine and the spring & summer weather fosters my most effective schedule (with kids / family / job / etc) – up early and back from running, drills, strides before 7am (before kids are up).  I even have a “daddy chart” (next to my 3yr old’s potty chart) with goals to be efficient with my time … back by 7am, do the big dishes, shower / dressed in 15min, brush / floss teeth.  Yes, I’m 30 (not 3) years old and I have a chart … keeps me accountable with the little things to be more efficient with my time … gives me more quality time with family.  Anybody snickering at my version of a big-boy-potty-chart can meet me at 5am and see if they can keep up for the next 12-18 miles (earlier & longer on Saturdays)

Besides, if I get enough “checks” I get a sticker … and maybe some Taco Bell?


3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again – Hungry for 2013 Racing”

  1. Hahaha! I love that you have a big boy chart…I have a big boy calendar…it really does help with life 🙂 I’m glad you’re doing better, now go kick some butt! My running plans? My first rin since Feb 4 will be the first week of June (ok’d by both hip and knee surgeons).

    1. You must be going nuts … glad you’re ok’d and it comes with some good weather. Stay conservative early so you can pound out big miles and/or workouts down the road. Get it!!!

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