2014 in Preview

Quick “Happy New Year” (about 4 weeks late) post here.

After witnessing & kind of pacing Western States – the “big dance” of 100 mile trail races – in 2013, I ended my writeup with

“As for actually running the whole thing … my thoughts and feelings are honestly exactly the same as before I went:  probably not too soon, but probably before I die”

Well, I guess “probably not too soon” meant the very next year as I’ll be pouring all of my training priority into this 100 mile debut.  With an ever-changing family, work, and church life, I don’t know when I’ll get another opportunity like this and currently don’t have any competitive running priorities on the calendar afterwards … more on that in the coming months.

As for other changes in 2014, I’ve changed the blog design (mostly because I’m cheap, but I do like the change) and I’m taking a more conservative heart-rate-based approach to part of my training.  Things have gotten off to a great start already … I’ve actually been enjoying some (bitterly cold) winter training this year and comfortably hit ~80 miles in 6 runs last week with nothing nagging.  Cheers to all in the new year … not in the calendar, training, or events we pursue but in the people and priorities we pursue them with.


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