Western States Training Weekend

Quick training update with what turned out to be a beautiful and fruitful weekend of training on Memorial Day Weekend on the Western States Trail.  As one of the few flatlanders entered in the race with over 18,000 ft of vertical ascent and over 22,000 ft of vertical descent this was a great opportunity to see what I’m actually getting into with five weeks of training left.

  • Day 1: ~39+ miles, 9639ft descent, 6319ft ascent, 6.5ish hours, 144 bpm avg HR
  • Day 2: 16mi Cal Street (3425ft descent, 919ft ascent) in 2:20:51, 143 bpm avg HR … + ~2mi hike out from the river
  • Day 3: ~20+ miles, 2940ft descent, 2159ft ascent, 3:03:20, 140 bpm avg HR

I could go on and on with the greatness and vastness of my first experience in the canyons and a bit of high country on this trail.  Nutrition / hydration was dialed-in by feel, tired quads but feel I have excellent aerobic fitness, and just an incredibly enjoyable day on the trail – rivers, switchbacks, and the like. The sub-zero degree temperatures on icy sidewalks and the treadmill this winter have already paid off just enjoying this long weekend of running in the mountains.  My expectations for WS100 have honestly remained about the same.  I didn’t walk (shuffle) away thinking the terrain was easier or harder than my expectations, but I have much much much fewer unknowns for race day.

Eight days removed now I’m proud to say recovery is going very well (and the achilles tendon has since been 100%).  Lots more to say regarding future training and tweeks in the next 3-4 weeks but I’m currently just trying to be incredibly responsive & flexible in how my body is responding to the rest of this last training block without being too rigid on any “plan” … conservatively confident for more unknowns the last Saturday in June.


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