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I Am Not A Runner

My second of three “hard effort” days of 2016 came today and it helped me remember something – I am not a runner.  I’m not.  You might infer things went horrible and all of this “not a runner” talk is from discouragement and/or frustration.  Just the opposite.  Things went great.  Better than expected in fact.  15:15 for an honest road 5k, a 55 second win, and a course record to boot.  Still not a runner … let’s back up.

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Four Pass Loop: A Trail Runner’s Playground

What a week that was.  I’ve been able to look back on my end-of-summer-getaway now for over a month and it sure didn’t disappoint.  I’m up to my knees in grading papers and experiencing that beginning of the school year rush now, but boy did I come back to the year with a clear mind after being able to get away to the Rocky Mountains in early August.  My plan was simple: sleep in a tent and run on the trails.  For the 90 second version of the whole trip, see the video below.  For more, keep reading.

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5 Ways to Adapt Your Nutrition for Fall Training (Guest Blog – SaltStick)

Hi readers!  From time to time I’ve let somebody else write on my blog for a few reasons:  They know more than I do, it might be helpful to other runners, and/or I really believe in & use their product for my own training.  Today’s guest blogger is all three – a nutritional support of mine SaltStick.  I’ve used them for years before they started supporting my training/racing and really like how balanced  their products are – no gut-rot or headaches!  I hope you take something away for your own running!



Regular readers of Adam’s blog will know he recently completed a stunning feat of endurance by running the Four Pass Loop around the Maroon Bells formation in Aspen, Colorado. Four passes over 12,000 feet (one of them in pouring rain) is a great achievement, and we have been thrilled to play a small part in Adam’s journey by providing SaltStick Caps to help keep him hydrated.

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18 months later …

So … I haven’t really blogged, or run the Western States Trail, in ~18 months.  First off, my race report was waaayyyy too long and I thought I’d let “it” (running, blogging, pictures, etc) just breathe for a long while.  There have been other reasons for time away.  Good reasons.   I knew heading into the epic and thrilling run at WS100 in 2014 that my life would be changing in more ways than one.
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RACE REPORT: 2014 Western States 100mi

I’ll try.  I’ll try my best to put down into words what was the longest and most incredible run of my life.  What it all kind of means.  I’ve previewed this as being my last highly trained competitive race (more here) and none of it has quite hit me yet.  This retelling won’t be what “it” really was, but I’ll give it my best shot to bring you along with me into the mountains, into the canyons, into my brain, into what I felt that sunny Saturday in California.

(Update: click here for full WS100 video & photo gallery)

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WS100 Race Week Preview

Final Week

Race week is finally here!  I can’t believe it’s been 30 weeks since my training build-up began for the most prestigious mountain-ultra-marathon in the country (world?).  At times those 30 weeks felt like they were in slow motion – especially through the tough winter – but now it’s as if it went by in a flash.  I have a few very distinct memories among the couple thousand miles I’ve run in the last 30 weeks … those are mine and not to be shared. Trying to describe them wouldn’t do them justice and believe-it-or-not despite social media, blogging, reading, and learning from others my world of distance running has been highly personal, introverted, and full of solitude (something I look to change soon – keep reading).  I’ve already enjoyed the long journey to the starting line and am currently not letting myself think too much about how in one short (or long) day it will all be over.

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Western States Training Weekend

Quick training update with what turned out to be a beautiful and fruitful weekend of training on Memorial Day Weekend on the Western States Trail.  As one of the few flatlanders entered in the race with over 18,000 ft of vertical ascent and over 22,000 ft of vertical descent this was a great opportunity to see what I’m actually getting into with five weeks of training left. Continue reading Western States Training Weekend

Photo Friday: Double Stroller

I often find myself daydreaming and thinking about my future runs in the mountains – primarily Western States in June – while I’m on “regular” daily morning runs back home.  Earlier this week I had a run with my boys I won’t soon forget.  One I know I’ll be daydreaming and thinking about – even longing for – while I’m in the mountains in June. Continue reading Photo Friday: Double Stroller

Gear (and Race) Review: SaltStick / Simple Hydration at Ice Age 50mi

A great time was had this past weekend at one of the most competitive 50 mile trail races in the nation.  Despite some warming temperatures an incredible 26-year-old course record was broken by 12 minutes by Max King enroute to an unworldly 5:41:07 clocking on the sometimes wide, sometimes rolling, but mostly single track technical up-downs of the Kettle Moraine State Forrest. Max’s race report can be found here. Continue reading Gear (and Race) Review: SaltStick / Simple Hydration at Ice Age 50mi

Race Preview: 2014 Ice Age 50mi

Short story: it’s going to be a training run.

Long(er) story: I’ve decided to still run Ice Age 50mi trail run but to do so as a quality easy training run and not race for the podium for the following reasons:

  • Tender right achilles tendon has me cautious although progressing very well the last 10 days – I’m past pain and dealing with scar tissue / mobility at this point.
  • Better and more appropriate training stimulus / zone / gear for my priority in the spring (and all of 2014) being Western States on June 28th.
  • Full gear-check and forthcoming long overdue reviews of Salt Stick and Simple Hydration Bottles.
  • Greater chance of “bounce-back” and quality recovery for more quality training for Western States – most notably Memorial Day Weekend training runs on the WS trail only two weeks post Ice Age.
  • I don’t have to race!  One of the very lucky ones getting my ticket through the WS lottery 5 months ago.