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I Am Not A Runner

My second of three “hard effort” days of 2016 came today and it helped me remember something – I am not a runner.  I’m not.  You might infer things went horrible and all of this “not a runner” talk is from discouragement and/or frustration.  Just the opposite.  Things went great.  Better than expected in fact.  15:15 for an honest road 5k, a 55 second win, and a course record to boot.  Still not a runner … let’s back up.

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RACE REPORT: 2014 Western States 100mi

I’ll try.  I’ll try my best to put down into words what was the longest and most incredible run of my life.  What it all kind of means.  I’ve previewed this as being my last highly trained competitive race (more here) and none of it has quite hit me yet.  This retelling won’t be what “it” really was, but I’ll give it my best shot to bring you along with me into the mountains, into the canyons, into my brain, into what I felt that sunny Saturday in California.

(Update: click here for full WS100 video & photo gallery)

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WS100 Race Week Preview

Final Week

Race week is finally here!  I can’t believe it’s been 30 weeks since my training build-up began for the most prestigious mountain-ultra-marathon in the country (world?).  At times those 30 weeks felt like they were in slow motion – especially through the tough winter – but now it’s as if it went by in a flash.  I have a few very distinct memories among the couple thousand miles I’ve run in the last 30 weeks … those are mine and not to be shared. Trying to describe them wouldn’t do them justice and believe-it-or-not despite social media, blogging, reading, and learning from others my world of distance running has been highly personal, introverted, and full of solitude (something I look to change soon – keep reading).  I’ve already enjoyed the long journey to the starting line and am currently not letting myself think too much about how in one short (or long) day it will all be over.

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Race Preview: 2014 Ice Age 50mi

Short story: it’s going to be a training run.

Long(er) story: I’ve decided to still run Ice Age 50mi trail run but to do so as a quality easy training run and not race for the podium for the following reasons:

  • Tender right achilles tendon has me cautious although progressing very well the last 10 days – I’m past pain and dealing with scar tissue / mobility at this point.
  • Better and more appropriate training stimulus / zone / gear for my priority in the spring (and all of 2014) being Western States on June 28th.
  • Full gear-check and forthcoming long overdue reviews of Salt Stick and Simple Hydration Bottles.
  • Greater chance of “bounce-back” and quality recovery for more quality training for Western States – most notably Memorial Day Weekend training runs on the WS trail only two weeks post Ice Age.
  • I don’t have to race!  One of the very lucky ones getting my ticket through the WS lottery 5 months ago.

Training Cycles Part 5/5: Year Around Training

A successful training program is one that gets you to the start line feeling fit and fresh.  Most endurance athletes may not struggle with getting out the door and doing some hard work, but in fact allowing themselves to rest and recover enough.  We must break up our training in cycles and be as intentional (if not more) about our rest than our hard quality sessions.  Below is part 5 (of a 5 part series) regarding smart training cycles:

  1. Daily Training
  2. Weekly Scheduling
  3. Specific Training Phase
  4. Key Race Build-Up
  5. Year-Around Training

Year Around Training

Building upon the previous four writings (found above) regarding different training cycles, the year-long approach is no different – rest is key.  We must prioritize and then stress & rest the system according to this prioritization.  I personally come from a more traditional track / road racing background in which I aim to be in peak fitness but only about two times per year – once in the spring and once in the fall.  Winter and summer are used as building back base fitness as it’s not optimum racing weather anyways.  Depending on the distance I’m training for, it lends 2 to 3 (mayyyybe 4) high priority races across two main buildups within the year.  Continue reading Training Cycles Part 5/5: Year Around Training

Western States Lottery … Success!!!

No way … I’ve been chosen (as the only entrant from Iowa thus far) for the 2014 Western States lottery with only one ticket in the hat – on the right side of ~6.3% success rate!

#seeyouinsquaw at @wser … picked 49th in the lottery. #floored

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Puts this tweet back in November to shame …

Race Report: 2013 Wildcat 50k

Winning Prize - 12 fresh farm eggs
Winning Prize – 12 fresh farm eggs

Oh what a difference a year makes.  2013 has brought about much change in my own little corner of the world of running, racing, and enduring.  A shift to longer ultra marathon distances and hopping off the roads for some time on the trails has been incredible, but the one and only event I participated in 2012 AND 2013? …… Continue reading Race Report: 2013 Wildcat 50k

Race Report: The North Face Endurance Challenge – Wisconsin 50 Mile

The North Face Endurance Challenge WisconsinThis past weekend, like most ultra races, seemed to have a bit of everything.  New friends, old friends, mass influx of early morning endorphins, dizziness / nausea, thoughts of never running again, turning the car around for some sub-6min/mi closing speed, and a podium finish accompanying a 75 minute personal record.  I guess there’s my race report … that’s about it really, but for more details keep reading. Continue reading Race Report: The North Face Endurance Challenge – Wisconsin 50 Mile

Race Report – 2013 Dances with Dirt Devil’s Lake 50 mile

Nine months of no racing finally relented at last week’s Dances With Dirt (DWD) Devil’s Lake 50 mile trail race.  My last true test of fitness was in October 2012 via Milwaukee’s Lakefront Marathon (race report here) and afterwards casually throwing myself into a local / low-key 50km run.  After a big break when our 2nd son was born in December, I was thirsty for change … different workouts, different mental challenges, and different terrain.  Continue reading Race Report – 2013 Dances with Dirt Devil’s Lake 50 mile