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RSSorangeWith some of the new work done on the blog here with the new podcast The RunCast and also my feedburnring service (feedburner) not being supported by Google anymore, I figured it’d be a good time to update everybody’s subscription links and put everything in one place.  The new links in the upper right hand corner of the main content window of the blog will always have the most up to date links, so subscribe from there at anytime!!!

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New Site Announcements

Welcome to the re-grand-opening of my running site and blog!  The content is all the same, but I’ve done some name changing to how things are run around here.  Almost all of the changes and operation will (hopefully) go unnoticed as links, accounts, and URLs should be moved to the new site automatically and no action needed by users / subscribers.  Below are new links and a summary of what has changed ….


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Please share the word and also let me know of anything that’s broken or not working.  Also, another addition of note is a quick and simple personal homepage – no real new content up (yet) but a quick and easy way to find me on the web –


Changes below:



TPR Shoe Madness Champion – Saucony Progrid Kinvara!!!

Saucony Progrid KinvaraWho cares about Kentucky vs Kansas when the TPR Shoe Madness Tournament was busy crowning this year’s favorite shoe in what seemed to be possibly the running-geekiest endeavor the World Wide Web has ever seen.  The sexy Saucony Progrid Kinvara outed the sleek New Balance MR10 in what shook out to be a minimal trainer show down in the  final round.  The Kinvara has great reviews and boasts to be a solid lightweight trainer ideal for tempo runs, fartlek running, or even a marathon racer for neutral runners.  Click the image for more information and great deals from Amazon.


In other news, congrats to “RunningMoose” from the message boards for winning the Stuffits Sport Inserts to keep his kicks nice and dry and fresh smelling after pounding the pavement in the rain, mud, and elements.

Think Plan Run – Online Coaching Upgrades

Think Plan Run - Coaching PageThink Plan Run is happy to finally announce a huge upgrade in its coaching platform.  Think Plan Run has moved to a completely integrated online system by teaming with the best online endurance training software also used by professionals such as 3-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander, GreenEDGE, Team Sky, and others.  A few of the many new features include dedicated members-only sign in, shared workout calendars, mobile access, online calendar sync, workout notifications, charting, mapping, custom training zones, and more.  These enhancements are more than having a fancier and prettier looking interface – we will have an overall better and more efficient way to communicate and train smarter towards achieving your distance running goals.  I AM PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!


Learn more on the coaching page (click here) about some of the enhancements and on the options & pricing page (click here) about the all new multi-plan structure!

Latest Updates

You  may have noticed the blog is changing its look … it will be fully upgraded soon!!!  With this change there might be a few hiccups including broken links and/or feed URLs.  Please bear with me as I tackle the techy stuff and get back to writing / sharing about running (way more fun!)