Running well is more than simply moving your legs.  It is about pushing limits and doing more than what you thought was possible.  Putting yourself in a position to run beyond what you might think is possible takes preparation and strategic planning.  There will be plenty of time to run, but first things first … think … what do you want to accomplish?  Why do you want to accomplish that?  What goals will lead you to other larger goals? How do you think you’ll feel if you meet those goals?  What happens if you don’t meet them?  These are the kind of questions we need to go over in order to form a personalized path towards being a faster, smarter, and more capable runner.  Forming a set of goals within a given time frame gets us working together towards something we can look at, stare at, fill in, and hold ourselves accountable to … a plan.



Whether it is a specific race on the calendar or just overall fitness goals, a specific plan is needed.  Some people need something written down to keep them motivated.  Others gain confidence by seeing what they’ve accomplished in their training.  Reading a book or copying somebody else’s plan can only go so far.   I know what it means to work a full time job, have a family, and still get the miles in.  Personal planning tailored to you and your goals with tons of ways to collaborate – daily & weekly objectives, online calendars, shared spreadsheets, plenty of ways to communicate with Adam personally, and more.  Utilizing state-of-the-art online planning software, you’ll always know what you need to accomplish for the current day, week, month, and training cycle.  Did I say training cycle? Yes!  Let’s get to it … the fun part … running.



Finally, the fun part.  The brainstorming and personalized planning has happened and we’re all on the same page with what is being accomplished – you just need to get out and execute.  I’ve found that having a realistic plan makes me more excited for the quality running days and more confident in the easy recovery days.  Everything we do and don’t do is intentional – there is no guessing – only running, listening to your body, reporting, tweeking if needed, and executing the plan.  Endorphins are real.  Getting fit is possible.  Running fast is a blast!!!!! Plans range from 1 to 12 month programs with options of personal feedback ranging from ‘plan only’ to unlimited daily tailoring.  Continue to explore plan options and pricing here to see a comprehensive view of everything that is included in each plan.

Adam’s coaching has helped me stay consistent, strong and motivated with my running.  I have been able to achieve two marathon PRs and a top three placing in a local 5k series, even through injuries, with his simple and straightforward training plans.  Adam’s approach to coaching is smart, thoughtful, and professional.


Plan Options & Pricing

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Getting to Your Start Date

After contacting Adam, a plan is chosen, and payment is received you will be given an Athlete Data Form to fill out from which your plan will be built from. Initial contact, plan selection, payment, data form completion, intermediate communication, and plan building will generally take about two weeks to complete before the plan is ready.

*Ten Day Refund & Guarantee Policy

Not what you thought? If you’re not satisfied within the first 10 days of your Lite, Standard, or Premium plan (from plan start date) let me know and receive a full refund, no questions asked. Beyond the initial 10 days, all sales are final. Failure to be able to complete the full running plan because of medical and/or injury related issues occurring in the first half of the plan will constitute a 50% discount on a future plan purchase.


Adam has been great at tailoring a plan to fit my limited time for training. He has also been very generous with his time and has offered encouraging and practical tips for race day.




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