the-one-fund-bostonI hesitate to even write anything … I’m just a guy that likes to run, enjoys chatting about running with others, and writes about running on this dumb blog.  I’ve never run The Boston Marathon … I’ve never even been to Boston, MA.  But today I woke up feeling even more sick than when I heard of the terror at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.  I woke up with a pit in my stomach as if my family had been attacked.  My family of Americans and more specifically my immediate family of distance runners … reaching, digging, and clawing out whatever is inside to put themselves in a position to tolerate self-inflicted pain and suffering.  An appropriate pain and suffering … a conscious decision to endure for a greater joy and, I believe, worship He who created us.

And at the climax of such sensible and truly awesome pain and suffering the Boston Marathon was met with more pain and suffering … this time senseless, destructive, and evil.  Bombs exploding, people mangled, and ciaos spreading like wildfire.  What makes this pain and suffering different?  The degree of injuries and bloodshed are no doubt worse and more severe.  But it’s ultimately the attack that makes this all frightening and so offensive.  In the short video clips I’ve seen, I’ve seen our counter-attack launched almost instantaneously … not with more violence, but human consideration.  The immediate counter to the absence of respect for human life was the direct medical care for those same humans.

No doubt I’ve gone on and on – sometimes publicly but usually in my thoughts – about how tough and tight the running community is.  Usually it’s eluding to getting up before sunrise for a frigid long run, enduring the hateful profanity hurled your way (sometimes with beer cans/bottles) from an oncoming car/truck, or silently screaming “is that all you got?” when your legs and lungs are on fire and you still can’t see the finish line.  Boston 2013 was different, but it’s made of the same people…with the same fire inside to better themselves that ends up bettering us all. Think you have nothing left coming down the straight away after 26.2miles? How about the runners literally diving into rubble to help people being ripped apart? What about those that KEPT RUNNING to the hospital to give blood?

Evil exists … but I’m so proud of those fighting it head on with blood and sweat on their brow.  Every once in a while, we gain some perspective on life through sports.  I’m often guilty of fretting over the best training with the best workouts for the optimum performance … all that energy into maybe shaving 3 minutes off a marathon PR?  NO!  Our hope and strength is in something no bomb or running race can give or take away … the two greatest commandments: Love God and love others.   I’ve never been so proud to be a runner than seeing my fellow too-skinny-for-football running geeks go from enduring their own pain of awesomeness to fighting to save others’ lives in a split second alongside the police, firefighters, and first responders.  For those not fighting on the ground, please fight with prayer for continued safety.